Updates, The Smashing Pumpkins and More

Okay, so I have a few updates about previous posts that I need to make.  So here goes.

“Good News, Part Two”

As expected, Judge Hanson’s ruling didn’t last very long.  A stay on the ruling was issued less than 24 hours after Hanson made his decision.  In between the ruling and the stay, 27 same sex couples filed applications for marriage but only one made it to the courthouse.  Read all about it:

Iowa Gay Marriage Applications Halted

“Grand Rapids Literary Review Issue Two is Now Available”

I don’t know what is going on with the web site for The Grand Rapids Literary Review, except that the site is down.  I have emailed the editors in hopes of finding out.  If the site is down permanently and the journal no longer exists, then I don’t know what that means regarding the poems that were published there.  I still have the interview in my email, so at the least I will post that here.  The poems, if I am allowed, will likely have to be resubmitted elsewhere if the site is down.  I may be overreacting though and it may be resolved soon, in which case I will post another update.  My apologies to anyone who has been trying to find the poems and the interview.

“Bring Anthony Bourdain to Toledo”

The Toledo Blade has an article in today’s paper about a project in Columbus that is similar to the Live/ Work/ Create project that Toledo artists and Mayor Finkbeiner recently announced.  Check it out:

Short North in Columbus offers vision for Toledo

“Poetry Challenge”

There are a lot of great spontaneous poems in the comments section of Rane Arroyo’s “A Challenge And Be Eye Candy Too” posting.  If you haven’t read them yet, you are missing out.

“A Question for Young Americans”

The comments section of this posting has involved a discussion of the current U.S. economy that has mentioned many issues, including the housing market, interest rates, and the unemployment level.  The New York Times issued a report last Wednesday about the economy based on the results of the recent census.  Read the report, by Abby Goodnough:

Census Shows a Modest Rise in U.S. Income

“And So Ends Another Summer”

My classes are settled, the students are registered and I’ve compared the gender ratio of my students to the average reported in “And So Ends Another Summer.”  The national average says that 57 percent of students registered nationwide are female.  Approximately 62 percent of my students are female.  I’m above average!

“Election Fatigue”

Many of us might be fatigued, but Reuters apparently is not.  Today they announced:

Race for the White House kicks into high gear

Many debates, rallies and speeches to go.  And four more months before the first vote is cast.  Meanwhile, everyone is still asking if Fred Thompson is in the race or not.  It seems this week we will find out, according to The New York Times:

After Months of Flirting, Thompson Is Almost In

“Let’s do the Time Warp Again”

Read this interesting article, also from The New York Times (what can I say, I get free copies at school), regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling to ban using race to assign children to public schools.  Unfortunately, to read it you have to have TimesSelect (meaning you pay for the ability to read “older” articles) or you have to purchase the ability to read just this one article.  But here’s the link anyway:

A Successful Plan for Racial Balance Now Finds Its Future Uncertain

If you google the title and find the full text of the article for free, let me know so I can post it.

And because I’m upset no one can see my poems, here is something fun:

Smashing Pumpkins – Rocket” posted by jfu79

Finally, I’m adding three new editorials to the Supplemental Readings page (yes, from The New York Times) by Paul Krugman.  One is about Race and the G.O.P.  The other deals with the current administration’s failures, highlighting Hurricane Katrina.  The last has to do with the attacks on universal health care and that scary, scary word, “Socialism.”  The full text of these are archived on the blog Economist’s View .  And you can read them here:

Paul Krugman: Seeking Willie Horton

Paul Krugman: Katrina All The Time

Paul Krugman: A Socialist Plot


UPDATED 9/19/07: 7:59 PM

The New York Times has changed its policy regarding the TimesSelect articles.  They are now available for free on their website.  You may have to endure a short ad, but there is a “skip this ad” button for those of you who, like me, are impatient.


3 Responses

  1. I was the featured poet in issue 1 of GRLR and have also been searching for an answer to the mystery of the zine’s sudden, inexplicable disappearance. If the site is indeed gone for good, I’m entitled, I feel, to resubmit the poems elsewhere — as well as to be really pissed off at what happened to my work.

  2. “as well as to be really pissed off at what happened to my work.”

    Some of the truest words I’ve heard in a long time.

  3. Hello, all. Got an email today that I thought I would pass on to anyone interested in The Smashing Pumpkins. It is about some concert and some contest. Well, rather than summarize, here is the email:

    “Hi Toby,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Voodoo Music Experience and M80 regarding the upcoming festival in New Orleans: City Park on October 26/27/28 featuring bands and artists like Rage Against The Machine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spoon, Zap Mama, M.I.A., Ben Harper and more. Voodoo Music Experience has teamed up with Star Costumes with the launch of How Would You Do Voodoo? contest. The winner snags 2 three day passes, $1000 for travel & lodging, $100 credit at Star Costume’s website and will be featured on Star Costume’s site.

    I thought since you posted an article about The Smashing Pumpkins on your Anthony Frame blog you’d be interested in posting some news about the Voodoo festival and contest on your blog. If you’re interested or need more information please let me know and I’ll be in touch soon!

    Check out the Voodoo Music Experience 2007 artist line up here: http://voodoomusicfest.com/2007/

    How Would You Do Voodoo? contest info, Voodoo Festival press release band images and more here:

    Thanks for your time!


    M80 encourages full transparency. We welcome you to let your readers know that M80 and Voodoo Music Experience contacted you to offer information and for your honest review.

    Mel Marchesseault
    M80 Services, Inc.
    [ e ] melm@m80im.com

    As a side note: I got a second email apologizing for calling me Toby instead of Anthony. Do with that what you will.

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