Has the Beauty Turned Into Brutality? Burma, Part Three

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There is less news out of Burma today.  Last night, Anderson Cooper said there was a media blackout, though, which would explain why there is so much less news.  But there are good things and bad things I’ve been reading.

Apparently, at least nine people were killed yesterday and at least eleven were wounded.  No report there on how many were monks.  Still, hundreds of monks were arrested yesterday in an effort by the Burmese government to prevent further protests.  Burmese officials say only one person died and only two were injured during this action, but other witnesses claim at least five are dead and hundreds were wounded.

It was unclear, early this morning, whether the monks would return to the streets.  Apparently, out fo fear of the government crackdowns, the monks stayed away today.  But throughout Burma, thousands of laypeople took to the streets in support of the monks and in support of the push toward democracy.

Also, George Bush has announced increased sanctions against senior officials in Burma.  Read that one here:

Bush Imposes Sanctions On Myanmar After Crackdown

I really wish we had the ability to do more than just impose sanctions.  I really do.

The last bit of news I have is a report from the Associated Press describing the odds against the monks.  The good news is that there are more monks than members of the military.  Also, those in the military tend to be Buddhist so it is difficult to imagine them attacking monks.  The bad news is that, well, they have attacked the monks. 

Along with that, the military and police have more practice today with non-lethal methods of controling the people of Burma than they did in the late 1980s/ early 1990s.  I’m unsure if that is good or bad news — good because less people, hopefully, will die; bad because it will make it harder for the international community to get over there and support the demonstrators.  Read all about the odds:

Odds against monks facing Myanmar troops

I will continue to post about what is happening in Burma as more news comes in.


[view all of my posts about the Burma Demonstrations by clicking here]


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