Announcing FrameWork 2.0

Yes, I’m back.  It is a new format, a new server and an entirely new look.  But I am back.  And this time around, to maintain my sanity, I am being entirely positive and relaxed.  So I’m focusing on poetry, my friends and family and our successes.  Check it out:

It isn’t completely set up, yet, and the links need some work still.  But for the most part it is what it is.  For a preview, here’s my “frontispiece” for the new blog:

Welcome to FrameWork 2.0. This blog is a place to celebrate success. FrameWork 2.0 is all about positive energy and the sharing of that positive energy. It will include announcements of my upcoming publications, the upcoming publications of my friends, calls for submission and mini-reviews. You can sort the posts by clicking on the labels listed below. And if you have a success or a call for submission that you want posted here, send me an email and I’d be happy to celebrate with you.”FrameWork” contains notices about my upcoming publications and the release of the release of those publications.

Friends and Family” contains notices about the upcoming publications of my friends and family members and the release of those publications.

Calls for Submissions” are all of the calls for submissions I see or receive that I post here.

Reviews” contains all of the mini-reviews I write about journals, books, music, movies, etc… These are not professional reviews, but rather are my random ramblings about various texts.

Anthony Frame
FrameWork 2.0
frameworkblog [at] yahoo [dot] com 

And I do truly mean Enjoy!